Sounds From the 50s

Some people may think that the sounds of rock‘n’roll from the 50s are gone and never coming back again. Hi-Fly Rangers, the Finnish trio, has proven them wrong. Vesa Haaja brought it with him all the way from the 80s when he first started writing for bands like Whistle Bait. The famous European rock/pop band, that has become known for their rockabilly, has been around for about 7 years now. Both Kari Kunnas and Vesa Haaja are talented song writers, and are making their own country music like back in the days. Hi-Fly Rangers is one of the 300+ artists that performed in the Rockabilly Rock Festival in Australia in 2017. This festival is just but one of the many events and festivals that they were featured in. Vesa Haaja, who is the pilot of this great band, has also been composing for bands like Jani & Jetsetters, The Barnshakers, Less Misfits, Rock-Olalla and Francine.

The sounds of “Hot Rod Ride to the Moon”, that resonates with the sounds from the Sun Records era, was indeed a blast from the past, and for fans it is overwhelming. The rockabilly trio, an ensemble of Elvis Presley have followed the old part in making rock music but in a modern way. Acoustic, semi-acoustic and guitar bass is their bloom.

One of their most remarkable performance has been on the 15th scream festival where they performed a version of Adele’s James Bond theme “Skyfall” song in 2013. It is called the rockabilly version and was an impressive version which coherently blends with rock’n’roll. It is available in their album “Another Gear” for the fans. Imagine this Finnish trio playing together, they are the bomb-making music from the 50s again. They have performed with artists like US Nate Gibson in songs like “Shadow my baby” and “I don’t want a Sweetheart”.