What You Have to Understand About Hi-Fly Rangers Band

For a layman of music, it’s important to understand a thing or two about the origin of forms of music played by the Hi-Fly Rangers band. Towards the fag end of the 19th century, the Afro-Americans from the rural areas of Southern USA used to sing folk songs which gave a feeling of sadness and depression to the listener. This form of music was known as the blues music. Gradually, when they shifted base towards the urban areas, they started adding rhythms (mostly borrowed from jazz) to their songs and this form of music was called the rhythm and blues (country music).

Rockabilly is a blend of Rock-n-roll and rhythm- n-blues. This form originated in the 50s and was immortalised by Elvis Presley. Today, the legacy continues and a Finnish musical band called the Hi-Fly Rangers band has taken up this job as they continue to top the music charts.

The Hi-Fly Rangers’ 3 member band was conceptualised by Vesa Haaja from Finland in the year 2006. He formed the band with one Kari Kunnas (Guitarist) and Jake Lahdeniemi (double bassist). The band sings old rockabilly numbers as well as the hillbilly (country music) songs. They are also permanent artists of several big recording companies.

Their first album ‘Hot Rod Ride to the Moon’ topped the music charts. The trio together penned the lyrics for seven out of the 17 songs for this album. The song ‘My Little Mama’ by Vesa and ‘Blow My Fuse’ by Kari are absolute gems even today. Vesa Haaja is also a member of 2 other music bands called Barnshakers and Whistle Bait. Another album called ‘Another Gear’ from The Hi-Fly Rangers band topped the charts in 2013. The band is a treat for the rockabilly fans. Recently, they literally blew away the audience with their mesmerising performance in the Rockabilly Rock Festival 2017 held in Australia.