What Defines Country Music

Country music has been around for a very long time now. In fact, it’s almost been a hundred years since Jimmie Rodgers and Eck Robertson had people singing along to their tunes. Country music today is quite different from what they played back then, and while some people appreciate the way it has changed, they don’t agree with this modern version. With so much diversity among genres and artists today, what defines country music?

Could it be the instruments? Traditionally, country music had some high-spirited instrumentals, while later on, slow chords became more prominent. But, most country artists today, like the Hi-Fly Rangers, wouldn’t even be considered country if that was the only way to play country music.

Country music has some very well known lyrics. All songs tell a distinctive story about pain, life, loss, or something else which is what sets it apart from most other forms of music. But, this style is slowly dying out with modern day country music not really having much storytelling involved.

Lastly, we come to the twang of country music. Is it safe to say that modern country music no longer has that twang? Does that mean it is no longer country music? The only way for you to know for sure would be to visit a country music concert and see for yourself. It won’t take more than a couple of songs from the Hi-Fly Rangers to convince you that country music is still alive and well.

While it holds very little in common with other types of music, and may not be as popular as rock or rap, there’s no denying that country music has a space in this industry,and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Put on an old country song and experience it for yourself just once. That’s all it takes to become a country music fan!